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Subject: RE: Spreadsheet functions
Posted by:  Kassie
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006

You can do this.  Create an alphabet, either by using buttons from the
toolbar, or simply using text boxes for each letter of the alphabet.  To make
it easier to select, set line colour for each textbox to black, and use a
fill colour.  The box now looks like a button of sorts.  Define range names
where A, B etc begins, and name them something like AStart,BStart etc.  Now
record a macro by clicking on Tools|Macro|Record macro.  Press <Ctrl><G>,
type in eg BStart and press <Enter>  Stop the macro recording.  Press
<Alt><F11> to go to VBA.  You will see your recorded macro.  Rename it to Sub
BStart.  You now have the code needed to write the rest of the macro's.  Copy
the body - Between the () and End Sub -  and copy it into the other macros.
Once you have done all of them, exit VBA, right click on each button, select
Assign Macro, and select the macro appropriate to that button.  If you now
click on a button, say F, you will go to the start of F.

You may want to copy the A button to the start of each alphabet letter, to
enable you to quickly return to A, or create a Sart button, to take you back
to your alpha list.

Another way is to merely create the range names, and then press <Ctrl><G>,
tselect the range name and click on OK

"Paige Park" wrote:

> I have a spreadsheet with our customers on it.  The list is very long, so I
> wanted to make some buttons at the top of the page that when you click on the
> D, it takes you to the D's on the spreadsheet, etc.  Is there any way to do
> this in Microsoft Excel 2003?



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