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Subject: RE: Spreadsheet functions
Posted by:  Toppers
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006

Here is a very simple example:

Cell D1 contains a Data Validation list of letters A to Z
Range C1 to C200 is your customer list

Use FORMS toolbox to put button on sheet and Assign Macro "FindAlpha" (code
below to be placed in a general module ... familar with Visual Basic Editor

Select letter in D1 and click button

If match is found it scrolls to first entry

If no match found, it doesn't scroll (you could add a message here if


Sub FindAlpha()
Row = Application.Match(Range("D1"), Range("C1:C200"), 0)
If IsError(Row) Then Row = 1
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = Row
End Sub

"Paige Park" wrote:

> I have a spreadsheet with our customers on it.  The list is very long, so I
> wanted to make some buttons at the top of the page that when you click on the
> D, it takes you to the D's on the spreadsheet, etc.  Is there any way to do
> this in Microsoft Excel 2003?



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