Seperating Excel, MS Query from datasources

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Subject: Seperating Excel, MS Query from datasources
Posted by:  David Neil Smith
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006

Hi, I have developed an application using an Acess 2003 db. The client now
wants easier reporting than perhaps is available from Access and so I have
developed an Excel workbook that contains several worksheets with automatic
refreshed queries bringing data from the Access mdb file. Well and good -
though the client's data resides in a different relevant path to mine. I
assumed wrongly that if I used File DSN's to specify the location of the
data, then I the Excel/Query would use the DSN as a pointer rather than
incorporating the actual data path within the worksheets. Is there any way of
writing an Excel workbook that uses DSN's to specify where the data is please?

It's Access and Excel 2003 by the way.

Cheers and kind regards

David Smith