Negative times

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Subject: Negative times
Posted by:  theslid…
Date: 16 May 2006

I've made a timesheet using Excel 2000 which is working really well
apart from one thing.

At the beginning of April I started a new file for the year April 2006
- March 2007. In cell C1 I manually type in the number of hours rolling
over from last year and this gets added to the total of hours worked
for the first month (the workbook is divided into 13 4-week blocks).

This works fine except that one of my colleagues is rolling over a
small time deficit. When she types "-3:21" (without the quotes) the
total hours for that month displays "#VALUE!". The formula in this cell
is simply "=C19+J19+Q19+X19+C1".

I have the "1904 date system" box checked as I've read that this allows
Excel to add/subtract negative times - but in this case it's not

Can anyone tell me what is wrong here?