Macro to Automate Saving

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Subject: Macro to Automate Saving
Posted by:  Rich (
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006


Current Manual Process for Sales Data by Branch is:-

Open Workbook A (List of all data by operative with branch code in column a,
operative in B, with the remaing columns containing all the data.)

Open B

Type the branch code in a cell, vlookups then pull all the data for that
branch by operator.

That bit I'm happy with.

That file is then copied and paste specialled in a new workbook, which is
saved with the branchcode as a file name.

I'd love a Macro which works through a list of branch codes, pulls the data
from wookbook A by vlookup, then pastes the values to a vew workbook which
it saves with the branchcode as the file name.

Can anyone suggest a macro to do this ?