Hide a row based on a cel value

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Subject: Hide a row based on a cel value
Posted by:  Guillaume
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006


I am looking for a scirpt or function that would allow to hide a row based
on a cel value. I looked at some sample macros but not knowledgeable enough
to customize those macros and therefore get an error message. Thanks for any

I am creating a small project status report. Each row is an action item. As

#  Area          Task            Action Item      Owner        %Complete
1  Tech          Specs        Review specs    AL              50%
2  Tech          Specs        Complete p.4    BH              <25%


The %Complete column uses a vailidation list with %100, 50%, <25% values.
All I need is an automatic functions that hides for each a row (=an action
item) if the %complete value is equal to %100.

I am not a macro expert, so I tried some other technics using functions but

thanks in advance for any advise.