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Subject: Re: Hide a row based on a cel value
Posted by:  Bernard Liengme (blieng…
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006

Let's say that row 1 has "# Area Task ....)
That the first record is in row 2 using cells A2:
Use a helper column;
In G1 enter the text Show
In G2 enter =IF(F2=100%,"N", "Y") and copy down the column by double
clicking G2's fill handle (little solid square in lower right of active
Now you have Y's and N's
Select all the data including top row and helper column; Use Data:Filter:
Now you can have rows with only Y in the SHOW column visible
best wishes

Bernard V Liengme
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"guillaume" <guillau…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am looking for a scirpt or function that would allow to hide a row based
> on a cel value. I looked at some sample macros but not knowledgeable
> enough
> to customize those macros and therefore get an error message. Thanks for
> any
> advise:
> I am creating a small project status report. Each row is an action item.
> As
> follow:
> #  Area          Task            Action Item      Owner        %Complete
>  --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1  Tech          Specs        Review specs    AL              50%
> 2  Tech          Specs        Complete p.4    BH              <25%
> ...etc
> The %Complete column uses a vailidation list with %100, 50%, <25% values.
> All I need is an automatic functions that hides for each a row (=an action
> item) if the %complete value is equal to %100.
> I am not a macro expert, so I tried some other technics using functions
> but
> unsucessfully.
> thanks in advance for any advise.
> Sincerly,
> G


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