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Subject: Re: IF Statement useage
Posted by:  Bernard Liengme (blieng…
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006

The problem is that Excel permits up to 7 level of nesting
Generally one use a lookup formula (see Help on VLOOKUP) when an IF cannot
accommodate all the choices
But in your case you could use =IF(M11=0,0,IF(M11>159,80,M11-80))
or =IF(M11=0,0,MAX(80,M11-80))
Not clear what you want when M11 is , for example, 145.
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Bernard V Liengme
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"BThrasher" <BThrash…> wrote in message
>I have the folowing IF statment that works well.
> in "P11"
> =IF(M11=90,10,IF(M11=100,20,IF(M11=110,30,IF(M11=120,40,IF(M11=130,50,IF(M11=140,60,IF(M11=150,70,IF(M11>159,80,))))))))
> The value in P11 can be from 10 to 80 based on that statment. I have tried
> to add in the front of the IF statment  "IF(M11=0,0," making it like this
> =IF(M11=0,0,IF(M11=90,10,IF(M11=100,20,IF(M11=110,30,IF(M11=120,40,IF(M11=130,50,IF(M11=140,60,IF(M11=150,70,IF(M11>159,80,)))))))))
> and it always fails with an error. What am I doing wrong?



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