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Subject: Re: Excel Startup
Posted by:  CLR (crober…
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006

Maybe try deleting all files from the XLStart directory and disabling all
Add-ins.........if it clears the trouble, then add them back one at a time
to see when the trouble re-occurs........

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABG3

Zygan" <> wrote in message
> my friend has windows 98 and office 2000 and when he starts excel he is
> able to click enable macros then the computer will stall about 30 - 40
> mins depending on file size (average 800KB) and then it will finally
> open. i had a look at it today and tried a few things - e.g reinstalled
> windows (no deal) - resintalled office (no deal). disabling the
> anti-virus (no deal) uninstalling the antivirus (no deal) checking
> security settings for macros and when the workbook is "loading" i
> notice that when i hit ctrl+alt+delete then program says not responding
> ? i jumped onto the web and checked a few search sites and google.
> finally made some progress in finding out there is a patch that i
> proceded to download and the service pack (made sure everything is up
> to date ) and still the excel workbook takes so long to open. however
> smaller excel workbooks load normally and its not just the one file it
> is many files i even created a "dummy" file just making it 800KB by
> entering fake data and the same problem. my question to you is how/why
> does this happen ? and also how do i fix this ?
> I tried this with no luck !
> Look for 'Tools/Options/General/At startup open all files in:'
> I had this problem once, hope it help.
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> Zygan
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