Problem with HLookup - Sometimes works, sometimes blank.

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Subject: Problem with HLookup - Sometimes works, sometimes blank.
Posted by:  Regnab (p.heywo…
Date: 18 May 2006

Afternoon All,

Due to concerns that the ladies of this world will find me less
attractive if I pull out my remaining hair, I shall pop this one up and
see if anyone has got any ideas...

I'm trying to use HLookup to lookup the prices of products in a table
to the left of where I am doing my calculations. Going down the page
was the dates, and each product could have a different price on each
date. The idea was that the user would type in the product code and the
formula would perform the calculations including the price. Originally,
I used HLOOKUP as part of the formula but it was inconcistent. It would
work for a while, and then randomly (usually when I changed the value
in another cell - an unrelated one), it would go blank. I would then
have to go and delete the formula and then press undo and hey presto,
it was back to working.

The rather messy solution I came up with was to put the HLOOKUP in
another column and then reference that cell (and hide the cell when the
user was involved).

Just wonding if anyone else had had anything similiar or if people have
any ideas,