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Subject: Find Function
Posted by:  Guy Lydig
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006

Is there a limit to the number of times the Find function can be used in one
formula? (I know you can nest only up to 7 If functions. Does Find have such
a limitation?)

Okay gurus, I've been breaking my head and I've almost got this licked,
(except for the aforementioned problem with Find...) but I'm wondering if
there isn't a much easier way to do this:

Column B (First Name) has some cells that have:
nothing at all (empty cells)
one initial with a period
two initials with periods and a space between
one name
two names
one name and one initial

In column C, I would like to extract just the initials--with one little
catch: if either the first or second name begins with either Ch or Sh, the
initial should be both those letters. Here's what I want:

Column B                          Column C

S. C.                                  S. C.
Charles                              Ch.
Sharlene                            Sh.
Ben                                    B.
Ben Charles                        B. Ch.
Sharlene Charley                Sh. Ch.
Ben James                        B. J.
Charlie Ben                        Ch. B.
D.                                    D.

My function is replete with If, And, Or, Find, Isblank, Iserror, Left,  and
Mid: a total of close to 400 characters...AND--it still doesn't work because
it is complaining about a Find function.

Anyone have any simpler ideas?