help with a loop

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Subject: help with a loop
Posted by:  BeJay (bevkei…
Date: 19 May 2006

Hi, Probably very simple but not for me! Have searched for similar
examples but haven't found anything that I will find easily
"Tweak-able"!  I need some help with a loop that needs to copy data
down blank cells in a column until there is new data there again.

Details:- I have a column A populated with an order number, column b
with an area code and column c with individual item lines.  The amount
of item lines may be different for each separate order.  I need the
order number and area number to be copied down the blank cells until
the next order number, which is then to be copied down to the next one
and so on.  (same for area code)

B100010    R12    099998
B100505 R11    101313
B20902    R41    101505

Can I define a macro to do this?  Otherwise I will be going into some
pretty un-chartered VBA territory.  I assume there may need to be loop
statement ( which I could probably cope with - just about!) but am
struggling to work out how I tell it to copy into the blank cells, the
text from the last cell in that column that wasn't blank.

Anybody Help???  Thanks in advance :-)