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Subject: Re: IF Question
Posted by:  Biff (biffinpi…
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006

Hi Serge!

Try this:



"Serge" <Ser…> wrote in message
>I am creating a spreadsheet for solving "Solution of Triangles).
> For the most part everything works well except for one situation.
> In: B51 (Angle A)--------------J51 (Angle B)
> So in J51 the formula is "=B51-90"
> It works as long as there is data in B51. But when the cell is empty the
> answer I get is 90 with the degree symbol because the cell is formated to
> show the answer with the degree symbol.
> How can this formula in J51 be modified to show an empty cell when B51 has
> no input yet?
> Many Thanks in advance.
> Serge


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