Lookup for concatenated data

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Subject: Lookup for concatenated data
Posted by:  Hari (excel_ha…@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 May 2006


Probably I have asked this before, but I might have missed it.

I have raw/source data in Column A and C (together A and C constitute
Unique ID) of sheet1 extending up to 1000 columns.

I also have some data in column Z (unique ID) and this data maps to
combination of data in A and C.

Presently in order to do a vlookup of Z with A2&C2, I have to create a
helper column D in which D2 = A2&D2 and use this helper column as the
TABLE ARRAY. Is there a way in wich we could perfom a lookup of Col Z
with A and C (and return value in Column E), without creating a helper
column. Probably some array formula could do this.

Please guide me for the same.