Excel / Word Multple Entries- Help please

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Subject: Excel / Word Multple Entries- Help please
Posted by:  Mad101daN (Mad101daN.28805n_1148320501.4967@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006


I am quite new to excel and would like some help please.

I have to enter the same information (name, address, D.o.B etc) into
dozens of forms.

I would like to be able to enter this information once, and then have
it copied to all the relevenat forms, and the forms saved as original

So I enter John Smith in Document 1 and then on Documents 2 - 20 I want
his name to appear then addresss etc. Each of the 2 -20 documents needs
to be saved for future reference.

I hope I am making myself clear.

Hope you can help.


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