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Subject: Rant!
Posted by:  Biff (biffinpi…@comcast.net)
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006

I've always had problems with Excel 2002 crashing when I use the formula
auditing tool, evaluate formula, on really "complex" array formulas.

I'm sad to say Excel has hit a new low and even crashes on a simple formula
like this:


It crashes evaluating the array:


I pretty much have learned what formulas will cause a crash and don't use
the evaluate formula command on those formulas but this latest one is a joke
(but I'm not $%^*($%% laughing).

Yes, I know I can highlight expressions and press F9 but it's not the same
as evaluate formula. Evaluate formula is a great tool when it doesn't cause
a crash!

Rant over.