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Subject: Searching for text
Posted by:  strippier
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006


I have a list of names (approx 110,000) which I need to search for specifc
names (approx 1000).

eg A = list of 110k names / C = search criteria 1000 names / B = found Y or N
Column A            Column B              Column C
Mr Smith                      Y                    Smith
RC Jones                      N                    Trip
S Abdul                      Y                    Abdu
R Basil                        N

It needs to use the C list of names and show where these exist in the column
A list, putting the results in column B.

I deally I would like a % match, i.e. smith contanied 100% within Mr Smith,
but only 60% within Mr Smithson etc.

Any ideas?

Thanks for you time.