Month & year question

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Subject: Month & year question
Posted by:  RGB
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006


I have the following formula which works fine;

=IF(AND(L$1>=data!$K2, L$1<=data!$H2),

I need to change it so that the bit (IF(MONTH(L$1)=MONTH(data!$K2) checks
that a date matches not only the month but the year also (i dont need to
match the day).

I tried this; - but excel says that it contains an error!

=IF(AND(L$1>=data!$K2, L$1<=data!$H2), (IF(MONTH(L$1),(YEAR
(L$1))=(MONTH(data!$K2)),(YEAR (L$1)),$F2,data!$I2/data!$G2)),"")

Any ideas how I can correct (IF(MONTH(L$1),(YEAR
(L$1))=(MONTH(data!$K2)),(YEAR (L$1)) to work?

many thanks