SUMIF/SUMPRODUCT/IF - 2 criteria - Date and Text

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Subject: SUMIF/SUMPRODUCT/IF - 2 criteria - Date and Text
Posted by:  James T
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006

After reading a few websites I find that SUMIF won't cut it for multiple
critera.  However it appears SUMPRODUCT may do it, but unsure how I achieve
what I need with SUMPRODUCT.

Below is the actual table I have in my excel sheet.

I would like to sum the column RENT/MTH (which is a calculated field RENT/WK
* 4) if the TYPE = NEW and also if the START DATE is <= to a date in another
field (lets us say in field B6).

Pay/Wk    Pay/Mth    Rent/Wk    Rent/Mth    Start Date     Type
$200.00      $866.66      $106.00      $459.33     31/08/2005 NEW
$210.00      $909.99      $138.00      $598.00     31/08/2005 OLD
$200.00      $866.66      $167.00      $723.66     31/08/2005 BEST

Can someone help with development of the formula?

Thanks in advance.