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Subject: RE: Cell lookup
Posted by:  Miguel Zapico
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006

This is not an automated solution, but you can reduce the time of changing
cells one by one.
Go to menu Edit->Replace, click the options button to see more fields, and
select Workbook in the Within dropdown.  Finally, in the "Find What:" put the
old workbook name ([043005.xls]), and in the "Replace With:" put the new
workbook name ([053105.xls]).
This should change all the references in the workbook to the new file.

Hope this helps,

"dwoloszyk" wrote:

> I create a monthly profit&loss file that after each month, I do a file SAVE
> AS to create next months file copy, etc.
> In the file, a Profit & loss sheet refers back to the same month of last
> year.  How do I create a reference so the when I create the SAVE AS file, it
> looks back at the same month.
> Right now, i have to go into each cell and change the file look back name...
> i.e.='\easfs\MonthendCorp\2005\[043005.xls]ConsYTD'!$B$6
> How do I have the [043005.xls] change to [053105.xls] when I create the new
> file?


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