Typing the name and the column and getting an average (for sales people)

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Subject: Typing the name and the column and getting an average (for sales people)
Posted by:  furryfishus (furryfishus.28dtf0_1148591706.9243@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006

Here is the function (array) I just got the hang on:


What it allows me to do is to type "Joe" into cell a84 it will bring up
his average in column I (which will get bigger fairly fast)

What I need it to do is allow me to select the column I want it to take
the average from.  The data I have is survey data, checking up on a
particular staff member.  Right now, i can find out how anyone is doing
on question one (the I column) but what I need to try and figure out is
how to adjust the data column that is being used for the average.

Right now, I have to replicate this formula 10 times with some
modification so that each question has a cell that you can type a name
into, giving you a percentage result.

Question 1
Enter:  [Joe]

Question 2
Enter: [Joe]

Brackets show what you have to type each time to get a reply.

What I would like is


2 cells where 1 cell selects the name and the other selects the column
to take the average from.  1 output cell that just displays the current

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