R2 Help Needed

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Subject: R2 Help Needed
Posted by:  hansjha…@yahoo.com (hansjha…@yahoo.com)
Date: 25 May 2006

I have a doozy! I have been asked to breakout an R2 calculation...well,
when I did and "put" the numbers back together. They do not match...
The numbers are:
Original R2 #: 0.293. The breakouts are: 0.311, 0.284, 0.0857 which
when "put" back together comes up to: 0.234. The instantances for each
of these numbers are: 126, 127, 106 respectively. The difference
between the original R2 and the "put" together is 0.058519. I have used
sumproduct, average, sum etc...but I cannot match the numbers up...

Anyone have any ideas on this and how to make equal??