organising reciepts

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Subject: organising reciepts
Posted by:  oykhan
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006

When making my spending reports I have to organize lots of receipts in a
particular way. Say I have spent 80,000 in a year and I have 100 reciepts of
different amounts for things I have purchased. I need to organize them in
batches of 5000 each. I was thinking maybe if I enter the data for all
reciepts in Excel and ask it to compile reciepts so that I get groups of
reciepts that add up to 5000 or less. I am a casual user of Excel and I am
not sure if Excel is able to achieve this. If it can I will appreciate if
anyone can direct me in the right direction so I can make my own spreadsheet.
If there is an add-in available it would be great.

I will appreciate any advice or comments.

Thanks very much