Numbers to Letters?

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Subject: Numbers to Letters?
Posted by:  paulw
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006

Currently I use alot of things like

This will return something like A6 when im searching for yesterdays date and
I want to know the cell reference where today's date should go. Although,
thats a simple example of the macro's I use that puts information in certain
cells depending on what stuff is in other place.

My Question is, that this is fine for me, but when it comes to a Horizontal
match instead of a vertical one the answer is still a number. This leaves me
having to dedicate over 200 lines to do a vlookup on this number, so 3 = C
and 28 = AB.

Is there anyway to automatically determine from a number which column it is?
So I can use it in concatenated matches. What im currently working on looks
as 1:1 for "Total" then minus's 1, so each time the total is moved right for
a new column my information will go in this column.

Cheers for your time!