Retrieve the file create date

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Subject: Retrieve the file create date
Posted by:  AdamBrighton (
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006

I get a lot of log files created each day that I take into Excel, tweak
the cells and then export to a database.
These file are all created at 00:01 each day and then at the end of the
week emailed to me.
I then create a new column in A and by hand type in the date the file
was created (they have the date in the title) into cell A2, I then have
a macro that copies the date to the rest of the A column depending on
how big the spreadsheet is.

There must be a way of getting the date from either the title or the
date the file was created so I can put the whole thing in a formula, it
would save me a bunch of time and mistakes. I get about 90 per day.

PS. I can't get the date added before they are sent.

Any ideas?

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