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Subject: find data in adjacent cell
Posted by:  Leon Jaeggi
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006

I have been given a excel sheet of 50+ columns 2000+ rows and all over the
place are the some 2500 names and telephone numbers and lots of rubbish -
fortunately  the telephone number that belongs to each name is 2 rows down in
the same column. (On a row with other names and lots of rubbish) If you Look
for X, Y, and H names and numbers below you can see what I mean.

X-name     rubbish    rubbish    H-name
rubbish    Y-name    rubbish    rubbish
X-number    rubbish    rubbish    H-number
rubbish    Y-number    J-name
I have a separate sheet of 400+ names I want the telephone numbers for. All
of my 400 names and numbers are in the 50x2000 row sheet

How can I search for X-name (out of my list) and put in the next column the
number that relates to it from the 50x2000 sheet (two rows down in the same
So I end up with;

X-name     X-number
Y-name     Y-number
H-name     H-number