Reusing grouping of non-adjacent cells

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Subject: Reusing grouping of non-adjacent cells
Posted by:  shumak…
Date: 28 May 2006

I'll explain what I'm conceptually trying to accomplish, then how I
have tried and failed.

I would like to be able to use ctrl+clicking to select non-adjacent
cells in a column, then reuse that set in other formulas for doing
things like averages or sums of columns.

For example, I ctrl click in column B to select cells in rows 1,2,3,
and 5.  I want to maybe do a sum in column C for those rows, and maybe
average in column D for those rows.

I tried giving them a name, then doing soemthing like


But this gives #Value error as soon as Offset is evaluated.

I just want to be able to redefine the set of rows that the other
formulas should operate on, and have that cascade to the other
formulas.  Most of them are sum formulas, so even a solution with sum
formulas would be nice.

I was thinking of adding a column of checkboxes and somehow use the
sumif formula, but the checkboxes are kinda funny in the way they
"float" around and don't seem to actually reside inside a cell.