Advanced Filter problem

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Subject: Advanced Filter problem
Posted by:  R. Choate (rchoatec…
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006

This seems simple but I guess I'm more simple than the problem today. I have a basic list with a column of dates. The dates are the
results of formulas and are formatted as yyyymm. Some of the formulas don't yield a date and so those cells display nothing. The
dates that are displayed might actually be any date within a month, just formatted as described. So far so good. However, I need my
advanced filter to only show the rows which contain a date that is in the same month as a cell that is not in the table. That cell
is formatted like the ones in the table and also may be any day of any month. I was able to tinker with the criteria enough to get
it to show only rows in April 06 when my control cell has an April 06 date, but if I changed the control date to a different day in
a different month it wouldn't show any rows at all. Then if I changed it back to the original control date in April 06 it still
wouldn't show any rows. This is messed up. Plz help.