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Subject: Re: autocorrect
Posted by:  Roger Govier (rog…
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006


It's not autocorrect that is doing the change, it is Excel trying to be
helpful and assuming such entries are dates.
Just prefix the entries with a single quote mark '4/4 for example
The quote mark won't display, but it will force the value to be a text
value and taken literally by Excel.
Alternatively, if you form at the cells as Text prior to data entry you
would achieve the same thing.


Roger Govier

"notrace2004" <>
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> hi. how can i disable the autocorrect function in excel? i mean
> everytime i write  4/4 or 5.6 or 12.5 excel corrects it to some date..
> i've tried changing the format of the cells to text and it works that
> way, but i have the same problem when i copy/paste from somewhere else
> (not an excel document).  excel refuses to 'see' the text format of
> the
> cells and changes the format to custom. what can i do?
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