More column shifts ...

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Subject: More column shifts ...
Posted by:  fak119
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006

I have  2 x 2 columns, col. A contains 100 names and next to them in col. B

Col. C contains 80-90 names, which are identical to the ones in col. A, but
the values next to them in col. D are different.
A:B and C:D are sorted alphabetically.

The aim is to get the identical names with their values into the same row,
leaving the cells empty where there is no match.

I can easily get the names in line (thanks to Ardus Petus’ VLOOKUP formula),
but how do I get the values across? (Macro? Other formula?)

The final set-up would have to look like this:

  Miller      12        Miller        45
  Smith      45                                    (will later be ignored)
  Kerry        25        Kerry        48
  Ferguson  16        Ferguson  44
  Peters      33                                    (will later be ignored)
  Black        23        Black        23      (same value possible and ok)

Thanks to Ardus Petus and all of you.