Sorting information into lists

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Subject: Sorting information into lists
Posted by:  Phil
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006

I am doing a simple cost comparison.  I basically have a list of 200
different products with different prices from 4 different sources.  I have
set up this worksheet so it shows the cheapest source for each product as you
plug in the prices.  My question is, can I set this up so it sends the source
and product to a seperate list, so it is all corresponding?
Ex. What I have now...
A1-  Apples        B1-  United
A2-  Oranges      B2-  United
A3-  Banana      B3-  Mart
A4-  Kiwi            B4-  Mart

What I want...
A5-  United
A6-  Apples
A7-  Oranges
A8-  Mart
A9-  Banana
A10- Kiwi

So, essentially it will be just organizing this information into seperate
categories.  I don't know if there is a function that can take care of this
or not.