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Subject: RE: Sorting information into lists
Posted by:  nl (hans bal)
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006

You could use ( or misuse :-) )a pivot tabel but this requires a header row.

First drop the Supplier in the row field area and then the product behind it
in the row area. It will give you something similar to what you want. Then
muddle around with the layout and format to get what you want.


"Phil" wrote:

> I am doing a simple cost comparison.  I basically have a list of 200
> different products with different prices from 4 different sources.  I have
> set up this worksheet so it shows the cheapest source for each product as you
> plug in the prices.  My question is, can I set this up so it sends the source
> and product to a seperate list, so it is all corresponding?
> Ex. What I have now...
> A1-  Apples        B1-  United
> A2-  Oranges      B2-  United
> A3-  Banana      B3-  Mart
> A4-  Kiwi            B4-  Mart
> What I want...
> A5-  United
> A6-  Apples
> A7-  Oranges
> A8-  Mart
> A9-  Banana
> A10- Kiwi
> So, essentially it will be just organizing this information into seperate
> categories.  I don't know if there is a function that can take care of this
> or not.


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