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Subject: Re: COUNTIF, dates and blank cell criteria
Posted by:  Domenic (domenic…
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Maybe, a couple of possibilities...

1) If you have Excel 2003 or later, convert the data into a list...

Data > List > Create List

Then, assuming that A2:A100 contains the date, and G2:G100 contains the
corresponding data, try...


The range will automatically adjust as you add/remove data.

2) Define the following named ranges...

Insert > Name > Define

Name:  RangeX

Refers to:


Click Add

Name:  RangeY

Refers to:


Click Ok

Change the sheet reference accordingly.  Then, try the following


Hope this helps!

In article <B8D96D87-169F-4DAD-ACFB-B13C6FC2AC…>,
luvthavodka <luvthavod…> wrote:

> I'm looking to count the number of blank cells in column G (only upto the
> bottom of the data table I'm using - the length of which is unknown until the
> end of the month, but only if the corresponding cell in column A (a date) is
> greater than 28 days old. What formula should I use?


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COUNTIF, dates and blank cell criteria posted by luvthavodka on Mon, 29 May 2006