Strange vlookup problem

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Subject: Strange vlookup problem
Posted by:  thiver (
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006


I have vlookup problem which I cant solve. Any help would be

I have two separate sheets. In one I have 2000 cells with coresponding
descriptions and in another some 300 with descriptions. ( So 2000*2 and
300*2 cells). I want to find corespodnig descriptions for items that are
included in both sheets. ( My estimate is, that is around 200 items. )

I have set up vlookup funkcion and it only works for 20 descriptions of
300. Its strange, since I have checked and I have cells marked as text
so this is not the problem.

Why does formula work fore some cells and not for another ? And yes. I
have cells in ascending order.


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