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Subject: Excel Security
Posted by:  Zygan (Zygan.28obfa_1149081601.8578@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006

Hello i have written a program that defines and works out very lengthy
formulas. I am trying to sell the program for what i believe to be
enough money to protect. what i need is to be able to burn it on to a
cd the put a time limit on the cd hence the user cannot use it after
say 30 days or 5 uses. this would not be drama if i could save the
file. e.g just use a counter that is VBA protected. But because it is
on a cd it cannot save. i tried an idea of using the current time and
date to be checked when excel started and that gave me a protection in
which i was satisfied with. however once the 30 days up cd is unusable
i could put a password on it to override the time checker however my
buyer would have to enter the password every time for use. So basically
what i need/want is a program excel/not excel that will limit the usage
on the cd and that is full changeable and overidden i was thinking that
once the workbook was purchased that the password i give them would then
delete a line of code enabling them to save the workbook as it is save
protected ? can anyone help ?

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