Using Pivot Table Values

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Subject: Using Pivot Table Values
Posted by:  mgross (
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006


Is there any other function to retrieve pivot table values rather than
"getpivottable()." The reason I ask is that I find myself manually
entering a lot of formulae rather using autocomplete as it does not
seem to work no matter what I try when using pivot tables. Is there a
way to make the pivot table "seem" like a regular spreadsheet and I can
just use the values that appear as though they are in the cells that
they appear in (ie. Can I use =R44 rather than
"getpivottable("blah","blah", etc...)"? I am performing an analysis on
the data that comes out of a pivot table (and yes, it is being updated
a lot so I cannot just copy and paste it into another worksheet) on the
right of the pivot table. Everytime I update the table (and say it adds
rows and/or columns) is there a way that I would NOT have to update my
formulae each time?

Thanks in advance,

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