Cell borders when converting 123 doc to xls

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Subject: Cell borders when converting 123 doc to xls
Posted by:  marmur1
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006

This may be the easiest question ever, but I was hoping that one of you might
be able to help.  I use Excel all the time without problems, but am taking
over for someone who uses Lotus exclusively.  I was able to save her
spreadsheets into xls, but there are multiple cells in each worksheet that
have borders that print out, and I can't get rid of them for the life of me.

I'd like to have the sheet have no cell borders at all, so I've tried
selecting the sheet (as well as just the frustrating cells) and choose no
border, but that didn't work.  I unchecked the Gridlines option under
Tools>Options>View>Gridlines, and that makes it so they're not visible on the
screen, but they still print out.

Any other suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!  :  )