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Subject: Sales Taxes
Posted by:  lsmft (
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006

Started a new worksheet listing all purchased items by name in column
Column B will list how much was spent for each item.
Problem arises when some of the items are taxed at 2 %, some at 3 %,
some at 4%, and some at 6 %.
My question:
Is there a way to denote how much or what rate an item will be taxed
For example:
Row 10, colum B is a grocery food item, hence not state tax, just the
local option taxes.
Row 11, colum B is a cleaning supply item, and will be taxed at the
state S/Tx rate.
I would like to be able to program the whole row for whatever the tax
rate would be. Can this be done?

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