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Subject: Advanced Filter
Posted by:  anandmr65 (
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006

I have some 2000 rows and about 15 columns in a data sheet. I would
like to filter the data based on the conditions in 4 columns. the
conditions between columns is 'AND' and condition for rows is "OR".
Could anybody help me how to set the criteria range.

For ex:

Column A    Column B    Column C      Column D
X                  A              P                I
Y                  B              Q                J
Z                  C              R

The above show the different filter conditions I require. The filter
should satis fy Column A "And" Column B AND Column C AND  Column D.
And for the rows it should filter on X or Y OR Z in column A , A OR B
OR C OR D OR E in column B and so on.

Can we put this table and selct the entire range for criteria range and
do a advanced filter?. It is not working. So I request you to help me on

Thanks in advance for your help.


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