Excel Toolbar does not save

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Subject: Excel Toolbar does not save
Posted by:  QBob (hintonrunce.nospam@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006

I have an excel toolbar that will not save (or is being overwritten after
saving).  I modify the toolbar with my icons and then close excel.  When I
reopenExcel,  the toolbar displays like I saved it for about 2 seconds then
reverts back to its original format.  I have deleted the excel.xlb file,
recreated it, renamed it, etc...  I have saved the document, saved a
template and removed adobe.  Only to have the toolbars revert back to their
original state..  I have even reinstalled Excel.  All other toolbars work
like normal (Word, PP, Outlook), just not Excel.  Any ideas greatly
appreciated.  Currently my workaround is to create a template (XLB file) and
open Excel from that everytime, but if anyone just opens Excel any other way
other than using the template icon, it uses the xlb that takes it back to
defaults.  Thanks!