Calculating montlhy totals using sumproduct (or other)

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Subject: Calculating montlhy totals using sumproduct (or other)
Posted by:  sergeayot…
Date: 7 Jun 2006

Hi there!

I have been looking in past post, and not finding the solution to what
I am trying to do.

Here is an example of the entry sheet I am trying to look into;
I have remove some extra colomns
Colom A formatted as a date format, entering data as dd-mm-year and
shown as in example

    A                    H
2 may 2, 2006
3                        =SUM(F2:F4)
5 may 3, 2006            =F5
6 May 4, 2006
7                        =sum(F6:F7)
8 May 8, 2006            =F8
20 June 1, 2006
21                      =sum(F20:F21)
22 june 2, 2006          =F22

So basically I enter some amount each day, some time more then once and
make a summary of it in the H colomn.

Now in another cell, I want to calculate the total for the individual
I have been trying to use the formula
for the total of June, but keep getting a #VALUE error.

What am I doing wrong, or is there another for me to accomplish what I
am trying to do?
Should I be adding on each row the date instead of leaving blanks?
(tried but same result)

Thanks in advance for any help, tip and pointers to help me solve this.