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Subject: Formula for a new range.....
Posted by:  mrmagoo (
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006

Let me see if I can explain.....

I have worksheet No 1 (called codes) with a list of numbers 1,2,3 etc
to 10.
On worksheet I have a list of part number that is around 10,000 lines
Each part number have a price ranging from £0 to £2000.

From worksheet 1 I need a formula in worksheet 2 showing that if a
price is
between £0 and £29 I need the code number "1" inserted in column A. If
part has a price between £30 and £199 I need a code of "2"
inserting..........and so on down the 10,000 line spreadsheet.

Please help ;-)

Hope this is clear.


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