Conditional Formatting for rows...

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Subject: Conditional Formatting for rows...
Posted by:  dramajuana
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006

Okay, I've already tried to ask this as a follow-up question, but I don't
think I was clear enough. I know how to color every other row now, which is
awesome, but while I would like the formatting to continue unending
vertically, I would like it to stop after column "E."

The formula I have in the conditional formatting box is =MOD(ROW()-1,1*2)+1>1
Is there something I can add to that to make the formula stop after E? If
so, exactly how might I write that/ where would I put it? Do I have to add a
separate condition or can I do it in the same one? I am not experienced at
ALL with using formulas in Excel except for simple calculating ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by this greenhorn.