The If function

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Subject: The If function
Posted by:  compaq (
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006

I have 3 columns, (A) which has calendar months, (B) which is a cost
figure for that month and (C) a “higher” or “lower” statement on that
months cost compared to the previous months.

I have used the formula =IF(C2>C3,"higher","lower") to show this, which
works, but where I have copied this formula down to the other cells.

The problem I want to rsolve is that in months where there is no data,
it defaults to a Worse statement, I require it to be empty.

I use this spreadsheet on my pocket pc, so it does not support VB or
conditional formatting. Is there a way of only allowing the statement
if there is data in the cells. I have used the isnumber function, but
this does not work.

Any help appreciated.


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