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Subject: RE: Macro Commands
Posted by:  Kassie
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006

Have you tried conditional formatting?  Say your code is in G1.  Click on
Format|Conditional Format, click the down arrow next to Cell Value, select
Formula is, and type in =$G1="B" do formatting, click on Add, enter =$G1="W"
and do formatting.  Use the painter to format the rest of the row, or else
select the row, and then do conditional formatting.  Use the painter to
format the other rows.  That means you do not have to run a macro.

"danh" wrote:

> I need to read through each row in an Excel Worksheet and format it depending
> on a code in Col G.  If Code is B then the Cell in Col A must  be bold.  If
> the Code is W, then whole row when there is data must be Font Color White and
> Fill Color Purple.
> I don't  know how to make macro commands read each row at a time until it
> reaches the last row and format it accordingly.  I suppose it must be in a
> loop.  Can somebody help me?
> Thanks,
> Danielle


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