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Subject: If statement in macro
Posted by:  punter (punter.29njhe_1150725007.3718@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006


I'm trying to get the formula below to run in my macro.  This is a
report I'll be running on a weekly basis and the number of blanks in
column I will change every week.  I'm trying to get the macro to apply
the formula at the first blank but I'm having some issues.  I've been
kicking around the Dim LastRow as long but I keep getting various error
messages.  In a nutshell what I'm looking for is the macro to read the
first blank in column I, then if AE = 7 or 11I want it to poplulate
column I with FedEx Weeky Charge.

=IF(AND(OR(AE2=7,AE2=11),I2=""), "FedEx Weekly Charge", "")

Thanks for all your help.



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