Long string of IF formulas

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Subject: Long string of IF formulas
Posted by:  changetires (changetires.29rjgo_1150911607.3579@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006

I am writing a sheet containing multiple products.  For these different
products there are certain steps of manufacturing that require time.
What I am wanting to do is when a certain product is entered into the
sheet I want the time in just total hours format to be displayed under
the steps that are listed in the sheet.  I have made a product list on
another sheet and have that linked with data validation.  These
products are listed in cell A1 with a pull down menu using Name>define
and data validation so when I pull certain products out I get this

Cell A1 is product A, but I want Cell C1 to display 2;Cell D1 to
display 4;Cell E1 to display 6;Cell F1 to display 3.    then on Cell B1
I will pull down product B and then I will need Cell C1 to display 4;
Cell D1 to display 2; Cell E1 to display 5.

This is what I am wanting to do unless there is an easier way cause
this could go on with about 20 to 100 different products.
Here is an example of a current table.  This table could grow much
Product        Chg    EvDy  TfrDeo    Neu    Dist    Fil  Clean
Product A      2        2    2    2    4    6    19    
Product B      4        5    3    2    2    3    19    
Product C      2        4    2    3    3    4    20    


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