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Subject: Excel tip
Posted by:  Dave A (david.ant…@team.telstra.com)
Date: 22 Jun 2006

Hi all,

after I bit of a tip on manipulating an Excel file

The data is as follows. Column 1 contains numbers; Column two contains
a string of "labels" separated by "&"; Column three contains an integer
that is a count of the number of labels.

I wish to tranpose the labels into a 2nd column with the numbers in
the first column.

Raw  data

1234    "fish"&"dog"                    2
12356    "cat" & "mouse"          2
1374    "goat"&"horse"&"man"    3

Desired result

1234  fish
1234  dog
12356  cat
12356 mouse
1374 goat
1374 horse
1374 man