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Subject: RE: update
Posted by:  Kevin B
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006

If your data is in a contiguous table format w/column headings you might want
to consider using the built-in form accessed by clicking DATA and selecting
FORM.  You'll want to move the cell pointer to a location in the table before
selecting the menu items.  It would certainly save you a great deal of coding.

Kevin Backmann

"enyaw" wrote:

> I have a userform that allows a person to enter information into several
> textboxes and output the information into a worksheet.  Is there a way that i
> could edit the information already put into the spreadsheet by searching for
> a number and then recalling all the information for that number into the
> userform?


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update posted by Enyaw on Mon, 26 Jun 2006