Memory and File Size

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Subject: Memory and File Size
Posted by:  Jim May (jm…
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006

I've just completed an enormous analysis and the file size and
Momory useage is pushing the envelope.  I've had to set the
Calculation mode to manual (versus Automatic).  To begin with
I chose to use the Sumproduct() formula to extract a tremendous amt of
Detailed data from my tables.
At present the File (when saved) is 20,000 KB and contains approximately
99,000 Sumproduct() formulas.

I'm running Excel 2003, and I'm able (on my PC) to open it;
I occasionally have to "re-calc" so on the primary sheet alone
I press "SHIFT-F9" -- and the status bar shows the Varous xx% for 15
Then clears - with Calculate still there in the status bar which I think
is OK.
Everyone in the office runs Excel 2003, but some have less PC's than
P-4's - with 1MB Ram - Can someone furnish me some info on the things I
To consider - I'm unsure of what I have at this point..